Product Development & Systems Integration


IDES undertakes Product Development (PD) utilising best practice Systems Engineering processes undertaken in a highly disciplined manner, with structured progress review gates focusing on providing our customers with solutions in the fastest possible timeframe.     

From concept to detailed design the PD effort is focused on meeting the customers’ specific needs and requirements. IDES’ staff utilise their extensive technical experience, advanced 3D CAD & CAE modelling software, graphic illustration, mechanical and electrical engineering analysis to ensure the feasibility of the design. Risks are highlighted and mitigated with a documented preferred direction provided to the customer.

IDES specialises in digital design and virtual systems integration to optimise Design, Integration, Operability and Through Life Support (TLS) from outset of design. If physical data is not available, IDES utilises its in-house 3D laser scanning, digitizing and inspection capability to create fully digitised product baseline information.

IDES approach to Systems Integration (SI) focuses on engagement with stakeholders and a formation of a collaborative development team culture. IDES closely guards any shared Intellectual Property (IP) and is experienced in handling equipment that is ITAR controlled. 

Being an organisation focused on operational outcomes, IDES PD and SI deliverables continue into the introduction-to-service (ITS) and TLS with IDES delivering all technical and supporting documentation, undertaking operator product training and providing through life maintenance and spares.

Specific Capabilities and Enablers:

  • Advanced 3D Design
  • 3D Laser Scanning, Digitising and Inspection
  • Advanced FEA and CFD
  • Development of Interface Control Documents (ICDs)
  • Vehicle, Module and Land Platform Design
  • Crew Survivability Solutions for Defence and Emergency Services
  • FP-ECM Installation and Integration
  • High Strength Mounting Structures
  • Electrical and Communications Cabling
  • Ergonomic Assessment
  • Supporting Technical, Operating and Maintenance Documentation
  • Training Plans