17th December 2014



Melbourne based Integrated Design and Engineering Solutions (IDES), is proud to announce that it has been appointed the Australian technical and sales partner for haacon Lifting Systems.

haacon, Europe’s leading lifting & mobility solution provider, produces robust lifting & levelling

systems that allow the independent movement of ISO containers/ modules on and off vehicles.

These rugged systems can lift containers weighing up to 25 tons, manually or using electrical power. Customised lifting solutions have been developed to lift systems and payloads to support

Roll-On Roll-Off (RO-RO) of containerised systems onto aircraft and ships.

IDES can provide both standard and purpose engineered lifting, levelling and container mobility solutions as well as training and through life support of deployed systems.

Lifting and levelling solutions can be easily integrated to existing equipment/ modules/ containers to provide rapid deployment, portability and stability where specialised lifting equipment is not available – ideal for remote locations.

Used extensively in Europe for both military and civilian applications, haacon’s mobility solutions are well suited to Australian conditions and rough terrain. Combined with IDES design and engineering expertise, the potential applications are endless.

As Australia’s dependence on containerised systems and logistics grows, IDES and haacon can provide a leading edge in providing lower freight costs, enhanced mobility and safety to any containerised system.

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